Contract Dashboard

3488051-A1 DCI coaching $29,876.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-02-20 INSTITUTE OF EXECUTIVE COACHING AND
3520824 Engaging AGS to advise on privacy law issues arising in the development and implementation of ASIC's regulatory portal. $14,168.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-06-19 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3520924 Facilitation services $75,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-07-04 Thinkplace
3521066 IT Contractor $138,050.00Austrade 2018-07-01 StarTech IT Consulting Pty Ltd
3520420 Media services $600,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-07-01 iSentia
3520136 VSDA3 Core Desktop Licencing $108,020.10Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 2018-07-01 Digital Transformation Agency
3520027 MS Dynamics CRM Business Analyst $157,300.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2018-07-01 DYNAMO RECRUITMENT PTY LTD
3519800 Computer $30,425.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2018-05-01 TELSTRA
3513647 ICT Contractor Services $90,944.70Australian Electoral Commission 2018-07-01 Clarius Group Limited
3231242-A3 Provision of project management services $1,115,532.00Australian Federal Police 2015-06-24 Innovative Business Computing Pty Limited