Contract Dashboard

3461194 Supply of uniforms $22,344.32Australian Federal Police 2017-10-09 Australian Defence Apparel Pty Ltd
3461195 Supply of accessories $78,011.55Australian Federal Police 2017-10-10 Telstra Corporation Limited
3461196 Provision of conference service $16,500.00Australian Federal Police 2017-10-12 Australia 21 Limited
3461197 Provision of conference services $10,628.20Australian Federal Police 2017-09-28 IBT Wizard Pty Ltd
3461198 Provision of open source information monitoring services $66,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-09-01 The Trustee for Global Edge Unit Tr
3461199 Supply of wide format printers $127,197.14Australian Federal Police 2017-09-18 Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd
3461200 Provision of software services $163,276.30Australian Federal Police 2017-09-18 Intergraph Corporation Pty Ltd
3461204 Supply of communication devices and accessories $15,655.48Australian Federal Police 2017-10-11 Avaya Australia Pty Ltd
3461207 Provision of medical services $420,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-08-15 Aspen Medical Pty Limited
3461208 Provision of conference accommodation $200,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-09-29 Ala Moana Hotel