Contract Dashboard

3479303 Contract J Kenny $193,050.00Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) 2017-10-01 Health Stem Solutions Pty.Ltd.
3479304 Micro Diamond detector Dtect $22,066.77Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) 2017-11-16 DTect Innovation Pty.Ltd.
3477469 Grant $30,750.00Department of Defence 2017-09-30 MERICI COLLEGE
3477470 Roads and landscape $351,088.00Department of Defence 2017-06-26 LIVINGSTONE SHIRE COUNCIL
3477473 McAfee specialist software support $54,213.06Department of Defence 2017-12-18 DATA 3 GROUP
3477479 Project Support $351,805.30Department of Defence 2017-12-20 KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT PTY LTD
3477084 Office Furniture $15,577.36Department of Defence 2017-12-11 WINYA INDIGENOUS FURNITURE PTY LTD
3477086 Architectural Services $535,032.34Department of Defence 2017-12-11 IBM AUSTRALIA LTD
3477088 Defence Cooperation Scholarship Program $33,233.36Department of Defence 2017-12-21 AUSTRAINING INTERNATIONAL
3477100 Design Services $33,324.50Department of Defence 2017-12-01 JACOBS GROUP (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD