Contract Dashboard

3511275 Corporate Membership $53,900.00Department of Health 2018-06-30 INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION
3395763-A2 Provision of Legal Services $60,778.00Department of Health 2016-12-14 Clayton Utz
3512010 Practising Certificates $20,883.00Department of Health 2018-06-06 LAW SOCIETY OF THE ACT
3512015 Below-the-Line activties for the National Tobacco Campaign $220,000.00Department of Health 2018-06-06 CARBON MEDIA PTY LTD
3512016 Provision of legal services $10,000.00Department of Health 2018-06-07 MINTER ELLISON
3512018 Provision of legal Services $55,000.00Department of Health 2018-06-06 Maddocks
3510522 Provision of Legal Services $30,000.00Department of Health 2018-05-15 Ashurst Australia
3303357-A2 Legal services $465,000.00Department of Human Services 2015-09-25 Australian Government Solicitor
3423364-A1 Courier Services $1,855,382.03Department of Human Services 2017-06-01 Toll Priority
3510275 Peer Review of Cost Benefits Methodology $18,193.07Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities 2018-05-29 PEAK ECONOMICS LTD