Contract Dashboard

3535272 Temporary Perssonel Services Hays Contract 2018/2019 FY $450,000.00Department of Education and Training 2018-07-02 HAYS PERSONNEL SERVICES
3534720 Supply Network Interface Cards and Transceivers $327,142.09Department of Defence 2018-08-27 DIGISTOR
3500902-A1 Design of Visual Landing Aid System $146,526.48Department of Defence 2018-04-17 AERONAUTICAL & GENERAL INSTRUMENTS LIMITED
3296938-A5 Aircraft Maintenance Activities $122,680,384.71Department of Defence 2015-09-25 AIRFLITE PTY LTD
42884-A4 Air Warfare Destroyer - ABTIA DPC Component $3,119,878,919.75Department of Defence 2007-11-12 ASC AWD SHIPBUILDER PTY LTD
3534874 Education assistance $21,419.30Department of Defence 2018-07-24 SCHOOL EASY PAY AUSTRA
3534886 Education assistance $11,042.44Department of Defence 2018-07-24 CANBERRA GIRLS GRAMR
3534888 MC for D+I Conference 2018 $10,000.00Department of Defence 2018-08-01 INFORM COMMUNICATE M
3535568 Soldier Combat Ensemble $8,169,246.72Department of Defence 2018-08-22 AQUATERRO APS
3535578 Defence Support Services $42,000.20Department of Defence 2018-08-27 DDLS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED