Contract Dashboard

3478382-A1 Contract Labour Hire - Change Analyst $276,895.48Bureau of Meteorology 2017-12-21 Rubik3 Pty Ltd
3437216-A1 Net Developer Services $546,848.50Clean Energy Regulator 2017-07-01 Bytecode Pty Ltd
3448715-A1 Construction of Farm Buildings at Boorowa $6,744,366.00CSIRO 2017-07-10 Barpa Pty Ltd
3519898 Design Services Industiral Flow Chemistry $594,000.00CSIRO 2016-12-08 Labs2Design
3520087 Temporary staff to assist ISD Division $149,684.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2018-07-01 M & T Resources Pty Ltd
3516705 Contract for services to upgrade Austrade's Virtualisation Platform. $39,953.10Austrade 2018-05-16 VMware Australia Pty Ltd
3521155 External Board Members $110,000.00Department of Defence 2018-07-02 PIPIONEM PARTNERS
3517158 Research Project: Evaluating processes and outcomes in south-south research collaboration – finfish mariculture development in Cambodia through cooperation with Indonesia $180,620.00Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2018-06-22 University of Tasmania
3518629 Printed Material $11,995.55Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2018-06-25 Law In Order Pty Ltd
3484764-A1 Project Management support Services $1,457,005.74Department of Defence 2018-06-30 ERNST & YOUNG