Contract Dashboard

3510674 Contract Labour Hire - Project Support Officer $51,211.95Bureau of Meteorology 2018-05-31 DFP Recruitment Services Pty Ltd
3512098 Coaching Services $35,600.00Clean Energy Regulator 2018-03-23 Interaction Consulting Group Pty Ltd
3512100 Audit Services $29,330.00Clean Energy Regulator 2018-06-05 Birdanco Nominees Pty Ltd
3321120-A3 Business Analyst $752,136.00Clean Energy Regulator 2016-02-15 SMS Consulting Group Ltd
3319833-A5 Tester (system and application) $603,069.50Clean Energy Regulator 2016-01-07 Aristech Pty Ltd
3434432-A1 Reporting Developer $524,340.00Clean Energy Regulator 2017-07-01 HiTech Group Australia Ltd
3437226-A1 .Net Developer Services $570,948.00Clean Energy Regulator 2017-07-01 SYPAQ Systems Pty Ltd
3437220-A1 Tester Services $339,714.00Clean Energy Regulator 2017-07-01 Aristech Pty Ltd
3450381-A1 Tranche 23 SGU Inspections Solar PV AUSES $557,527.35Clean Energy Regulator 2017-08-16 AuSES
3450380-A1 Tranche 23 SGU Inspections Solar PV IT Power $628,529.00Clean Energy Regulator 2017-08-16 IT Power (Australia) Pty Limited