Contract Dashboard

3465252 Ship Maintenance $15,434.50Department of Defence 2017-10-18 ASP SHIP MANAGEMENT PTY LTD SIRIUS
3465253 Radar, Antenna and Mounts $7,362,577.34Department of Defence 2017-10-18 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTEGRATED
3465256 Aerospace systems and components and equipment $138,674.42Department of Defence 2017-10-18 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC
3465257 Suspension Lug $351,699.30Department of Defence 2017-10-19 DELFASCO LLC
3465258 Training Services $78,383.35Department of Defence 2017-10-19 L3 TECHNOLOGIES, INC.!DBA
3465259 Calibration of Proving Devices $16,559.40Department of Defence 2017-10-19 AUSTRALIAN CALIBRATING SERVICES
3465266 Purchase of Particle Velocity Sensor $48,262.39Department of Defence 2017-10-09 GEOSPECTRUM TECHNOLOGIES INC
3465268 Maintenance & Support $13,279.13Department of Defence 2017-10-05 AVAYA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3465269 Computer Equipment $53,626.97Department of Defence 2017-10-05 AVAYA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3465275 Provision of a hazardous chemicals information management database $40,000.00Department of Defence 2017-10-24 RISK MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES