Contract Dashboard

3463101 Strategic Partner Arrangement USFPI/ASMTI $5,502,646.75Department of Defence 2017-08-11 KPMG AUSTRALIA
3463103 Management advisory services $313,999.95Department of Defence 2017-08-11 SYNERGY GROUP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3463104 Task 062 System Engineer $81,886.79Department of Defence 2017-08-11 NOVENTUS
3463105 Flight Deck Operational Support Team Services $8,746,635.08Department of Defence 2017-08-10 OPSTAR PTY LTD
3463106 Marine fuel $10,368.01Department of Defence 2017-08-10 ROSSLYN BAY FUEL SERVICES
3463109 Future Navy Engineering Workforce Phase 2 $2,100,000.00Department of Defence 2017-08-10 DELOITTE
3463110 Office furniture $12,495.32Department of Defence 2017-08-10 WINYA PTY. LTD
3463111 Project Director Services $443,681.70Department of Defence 2017-08-10 KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT PTY LTD
3463114 8-Port Avocent SwitchView SC Switches $55,540.38Department of Defence 2017-08-10 DATA #3 LTD
3463118 Land Management Services $77,000.00Department of Defence 2017-08-08 JACOBS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD