Contract Dashboard

3523654 Medical Training $23,880.00Department of Defence 2018-06-28 AEROMEDICAL RETRIEVAL & DISASTER MANAGEMENT BRANCH, PREVENTION DIV.
3523689 Surveillance $74,485.73Department of Defence 2018-05-31 MAGNET FORENSICS INC
3446042-A1 EMOS DEIS CLAIMS $207,900.00Department of Defence 2017-07-20 SYNERGY GROUP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3523415 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $99,550.00Department of Defence 2018-02-19 DELOITTE
3523519 Return of Unexpended Funds for Exercise Wallaby 2017 - RSAF $235,207.80Department of Defence 2017-09-01 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE (MINDEF)
3523748 Ship Handling Training $13,750.00Department of Defence 2018-04-06 PORT ASH AUSTRALIA TRUST
3523959 H-Field Probes $26,754.20Department of Defence 2018-07-10 AIR-MET SCIENTIFIC PTY LTD
3332980-A1 Capability upgrade - ANZAC Class Ship $582,151.95Department of Defence 2016-04-01 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA
3521978 SAP maintenance $9,459,306.35Department of Finance 2018-07-01 Digital Transformation Agency
3523912 Library or documentation services $15,207.17Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2018-07-01 ProQuest LLC