Contract Dashboard

3522700 Surveillance drones $15,415.00Department of Defence 2018-05-28 LEEDERVILLE CAMERAS
3522701 Ambassador program $10,115.50Department of Defence 2018-06-27 THE PERCY INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL PROTOCOL PTY LTD
3522703 Supply of digital camera bodies $86,094.00Department of Defence 2018-06-07 CAMERA-WAREHOUSE
3522705 Supply of luggage items $11,503.80Department of Defence 2018-05-31 FRONTLINE SAFETY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3522706 Project Managment and training services Material $44,000.00Department of Defence 2018-07-02 HATCH TIMBER GROUP PTY LTD
3522708 Purchase and delivery of road base PM2/20 $114,444.00Department of Defence 2018-06-26 CEDUNA BULK HAULIERS AND EARTHMOVERS TRUST
3522709 Driver Training $2,987,574.00Department of Defence 2018-07-01 DRIVER EDUCATION CENTRE OF AUST
3522710 Professional Services and cloud development environment. $612,089.72Department of Defence 2018-06-01 ADOBE SYSTEMS SOFTWARE IRELAND LIMI
3522711 Cointainer and Platforms $395,757.56Department of Defence 2018-05-25 ECLIPS ENGINEERING
3522714 Procurement of Bulk Fuel Cart and Trolley for DFI in HMAS Waterhen $73,588.90Department of Defence 2018-06-04 BANLAW PTY LIMITED