Contract Dashboard

3477008 Computer Equipment & Accessories $18,409.60Department of Defence 2017-12-14 BACKPLANE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY P/L
3477009 Procurement of Commercial Vehicles $93,625.28Department of Defence 2017-12-14 UMW TOYOTA MOTOR SDN BHD
3477010 Redevelopment of Contract Reports $174,064.00Department of Defence 2017-12-14 CALLIDA INDIGENOUS CONSULTING PTY
3477011 Service & repairs to Navigator Delta equipment $11,398.21Department of Defence 2017-12-14 BRITTON MARITIME SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3477012 Testing of the UHF Switched Output Multicoupler $10,205.58Department of Defence 2017-12-14 BELLINGER INSTRUMENTS PTY LTD
3477013 Supply & Installation of Secure Key Storage System $18,095.00Department of Defence 2017-12-14 SECURE EDGE TECHNOLOGY
3477014 Pocket Knife $52,023.42Department of Defence 2017-12-14 SPYDERCO, INC.DBA SPYDERCO KNIVES &
3477015 Timing Systems Equipment $69,264.10Department of Defence 2017-12-13 LITEWAY, INC
3477018 Provision of engineering services $2,070,611.81Department of Defence 2017-12-13 NOVA DEFENCE PTY LTD
3477019 Provision of Hyraulic Build/Maintenance Support $17,820.00Department of Defence 2017-12-13 FORTBURN PTY LTD