Contract Dashboard

3478124 Legal Services $14,052.40Department of Employment 2017-12-31 CLAYTON UTZ
3478125 Legal Services $53,989.67Department of Employment 2017-11-30 MADDOCKS
3477560 Implementation of Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Phase 2 $66,000.00Department of Health 2017-12-21 SMS Consulting Group Ltd
3477562 Learning and Development - The Personal Efficiency for Executive Level Leaders $18,000.00Department of Health 2018-03-01 PEPworldwide Pty Limited
3443515-A1 Labour Hire $244,101.00Department of Health 2017-07-01 DATA#3 GROUP
3477909 Economic and modelling advice to support implementation of Specialised Dementia Care Units $79,200.00Department of Health 2018-01-03 Pioneering Economics
3478527 Audit Services $86,145.00Department of Human Services 2017-12-08 Ernst & Young
416013-A12 Provision of Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme(IAAAS) $1,245,596.66Department of Home Affairs 2011-08-01 LEGAL AID COMMISION OF NSW
3478015 Long Term Lease Vehicle $19,500.00Department of Home Affairs 2017-12-12 SG FLEET
458605-A2 114865 - Provision of Transport Unpack/Repack Services $6,400,560.00Department of Home Affairs 2012-02-01 AWH Pty Ltd (Australian Wool Handlers)