Contract Dashboard

3517800 Repair of parts kit compressor. $152,592.20Department of Defence 2018-03-20 CAPS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3517801 Repair of Amplifier Unit $23,360.67Department of Defence 2018-03-13 THALES AUSTRALIA
3517802 Repair of actuator. $13,410.10Department of Defence 2018-01-10 AUSTRALIAN PUMP INDUSTRIES PTY L
3517803 Compressor $38,780.74Department of Defence 2018-02-07 RFD TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3517804 Repair of Valve manifold. $50,694.72Department of Defence 2018-02-06 H I FRASER PTY LTD
3517794 Contactor Magnetic $44,264.00Department of Defence 2018-05-17 SUTHERLAND INSTRUMENT SERVICE
3517807 Pump $15,219.95Department of Defence 2017-11-24 RFD TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3517808 Repair compressor refrigeration $122,257.83Department of Defence 2016-06-24 NAVCON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3517810 Block tackle $31,020.00Department of Defence 2018-06-15 BEAVER ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3517811 purchase of fluid distribution tubing for guided m ships $74,146.38Department of Defence 2018-06-15 AERO AND MILITARY PRODUCTS P/L