Contract Dashboard

3511949 Medals $18,818.25Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General 2018-06-06 Cash's Awards and Promotion Solutions Pty Ltd
3459199-A1 Interactive Digital Heritage Management Plan $107,841.00Old Parliament House 2017-08-11 Oxide Interactive Pty Ltd
3509276 Panel Establishment $110,000.00Old Parliament House 2018-05-28 Grosvenor Management Consulting
932571-A6 To provide workflow system and website development services to EOWA/WGEA $5,317,120.00Workplace Gender Equality Agency 2012-09-07 Genix Ventures Pty Ltd
3479877-A1 Legal services and disbursements $150,000.00National Archives of Australia 2017-11-01 Australian Government Solicitor
3511348 Outposted legal services arrangements $197,600.00National Archives of Australia 2018-07-01 Australian Government Solicitor
3511026 Validation of the SAS 2018-19 Commonwealth contribution calculations $75,319.19National Health Funding Body 2018-05-07 Ernst and Young
3511055 Provision of Creative and digital communication support $40,000.00National Health Funding Body 2018-05-24 Content Group
3511376 Provision of additional support further development of the NHFB risk management framework $36,437.50National Health Funding Body 2018-05-21 RSM Australia Pty Ltd
3504509 Provision of Creative and Digital Communication Services $61,383.05National Health Funding Body 2018-05-01 Voodoo Creative Pty Ltd