Contract Dashboard

3477908 Legal services $10,000.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2017-12-20 Australian Government Solicitor
3478163 Legal services. $10,500.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2018-01-03 Australian Government Solicitor
3476849 Water purifciation and desalination system $35,200.00Department of Defence 2017-07-13 PALL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3476888 Development of the ADF IFF Text Capability - Air $40,105.38Department of Defence 2017-11-22 RAYTHEON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3476890 Deveopment of the ADF IFF Test Capability - Air (A $28,095.49Department of Defence 2017-11-27 RAYTHEON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3476916 Professional Legal Fees $395,472.00Department of Defence 2017-12-21 SPARKE HELMORE
3476925 Access to Autonomic Logistics Information System $989,837.09Department of Defence 2017-05-02 LOCKHEED MARTIN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3476931 Out of Scope Oxygen Maintenance Facility Building $220,000.00Department of Defence 2017-12-15 LEND LEASE BUILDING PTY LTD
3476936 Infrastructure Hosting Services $256,357.20Department of Defence 2017-12-15 LEIDOS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3476951 RAN Ship MINI TYPHOON PRE-CONDITION ASSESSMENT $20,112.98Department of Defence 2017-12-15 SERCO DEFENCE