Contract Dashboard

3537863 Contracted staff $44,999.99Australian Transport Safety Bureau 2018-06-28 Randstad Pty Ltd
3537864 Provision of legal advice $14,999.99Australian Transport Safety Bureau 2018-04-27 Ashurst Australia
3537867 Software upgrade to SEM's EDS $19,321.50Australian Transport Safety Bureau 2018-07-30 Nanospec Pty Ltd
3537237 Contract Labour Hire - Consultant $117,975.00Bureau of Meteorology 2018-08-17 Telstra Corporation Limited
3537240 Jira software licence $17,582.22Bureau of Meteorology 2018-08-10 One Dot Technologies Pty Ltd
3537335 Advertising $10,524.31Bureau of Meteorology 2018-06-30 Google Australia Pty Ltd
3537360 Contract Labour Hire - Project Manager $69,372.00Bureau of Meteorology 2018-06-15 Savills Project Management
3537384 Buoy $122,320.51Bureau of Meteorology 2018-08-20 Science Applications International
3537432 Legal Services $32,658.03Bureau of Meteorology 2018-07-05 Australian Government Solicitor
3537439 Invoice and Debt Recovery $412,500.00Bureau of Meteorology 2018-08-27 Airservices Australia