Contract Dashboard

3473200 Recruitment Placement Fee $14,760.90Australian Electoral Commission 2017-12-08 Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Pty Limited
3451080-A1 AEC Stationery and Office Supplies $2,589,916.20Australian Electoral Commission 2017-09-07 Winc Australia Pty Limited
648341-A8 Provision of online referral management system $1,791,404.40Australian Federal Police 2011-12-01 SupportLink IT Pty Ltd
3443881-A1 Provision of user interface designer services $376,675.20Australian Federal Police 2017-07-10 Programmed Professionals PTY LTD
3481813 Supply of mobile phones $43,200.00Australian Federal Police 2018-01-18 Telstra Corporation Limited
3481817 Supply of safety apparel $126,052.00Australian Federal Police 2018-01-22 P. & B. Bulte (No 2) Pty. Ltd.
3481818 Provision of security advisor services $156,800.00Australian Federal Police 2017-12-04 Hays Specialist Recruitment
3481820 Provision of scoping study $1,083,321.00Australian Federal Police 2017-12-18 KPMG
3481822 Provision of program design services $93,569.75Australian Federal Police 2017-11-06 Coffey International Development
3481824 Supply of card readers $11,954.25Australian Federal Police 2018-01-19 Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd