Contract Dashboard

3462795 Amazon Web services $399,999.99Department of Defence 2017-08-03 AMAZON WEB SERVICES, INC.
3462782 Provide ongoing on site operational support of the Defence Corporate Directory $188,320.00Department of Defence 2017-08-07 EB2B.COM PTY LTD
3462784 IT Support Equipment $47,300.00Department of Defence 2016-07-06 DATAPOD
3462789 Supply Above and Sub Floor Cleaning at Data Centre $29,205.00Department of Defence 2017-08-06 GLOBAL SWITCH PROPERTY (AUSTRALIA)
3462792 HOSPITALITY AND CATERING SERVICES $10,273.64Department of Defence 2017-08-03 BROADSPECTRUM (AUSTRALIA) PTY
3462794 Printing of the Seafarers Handbook $19,943.00Department of Defence 2017-08-03 LIGARE PTY LTD
3462797 Management advisory services $39,116.00Department of Defence 2017-08-03 JACOBS SKM
3462800 Preview Test and Evaluation $1,041,700.00Department of Defence 2017-08-03 LEIDOS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3462802 Mediaflux Reconfiguration $164,164.00Department of Defence 2017-08-03 ARCITECTA PTY LTD
3462805 Ultra Micro Gas Turbine Engine demonstration $87,136.40Department of Defence 2017-08-03 ECOJET ENGINEERING PTY LTD