Contract Dashboard

3511898 HVAC Works $246,076.60Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General 2018-04-20 Gartner Rose Pty Ltd
3511077 Training Courses $13,200.00Old Parliament House 2018-06-04 Julia Barns Consulting
3517263 Corporate Uniform $18,000.00Old Parliament House 2018-06-19 Workin' Gear
3517280 Preparation of 2017-18 Annual Report $12,000.00Old Parliament House 2018-06-01 WordsWorth Writing Pty Ltd
3517294 Double Stillage Units $17,704.50Old Parliament House 2018-06-20 Backsafe Australia
3517297 Repairs to main front door $13,530.00Old Parliament House 2018-06-25 International Conservation Services Pty Ltd
3516921 Tree Management System $31,020.00Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General 2018-07-01 ArborSafe Australia Pty Ltd
3511078 Exhibition Development $22,000.00Old Parliament House 2018-06-04 The Curator's Department
3518574 3D Surveying $14,190.00Old Parliament House 2018-05-15 Veris Australia Pty Ltd
3517320 Support and maintenance for four concurrent user licences for IBM SPSS Modeler Professional $52,397.84Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-07-01 InfoCapital Pty Ltd