Contract Dashboard

3462036 Sewing Machines and Operational Panels $50,270.00Department of Defence 2017-07-27 ELIZABETH MACHINES CO.
3462037 Attendance at the Australian Government Procurement Week $26,948.90Department of Defence 2017-07-21 AKOLADE PTY LTD
3462058 Procurement of Main Reduction Gear spares to charge pipeline in preperation for Ship delivery $133,559.17Department of Defence 2017-07-25 NAVANTIA S A
3462062 Software maintenance and support $220,000.00Department of Defence 2017-07-27 SIGMA BRAVO PTY LTD
3461461 Medium Works Contractor Services $22,264.00Department of Defence 2017-10-12 FULTON HOGAN PTY LTD
3461471 Professional Engineering Services $849,965.77Department of Defence 2017-10-06 VERIZON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3461496 DIESEL FUEL $23,753.52Department of Defence 2017-10-06 CALTEX AUSTRALIA PETROLEUM P / L
3461497 Computer Equipment $94,930.00Department of Defence 2017-10-06 HP PPS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3461515 Building Works $659,084.97Department of Defence 2017-10-06 SPOTLESS FACILITY SERVICES PTY LTD
3461537 National Spatial Information Management System Transition $66,316.80Department of Defence 2017-10-04 BAE SYSTEMS AUST LTD