Contract Dashboard

3519598 analysis and advice services on NDIS issues -MH $50,000.01National Mental Health Commission 2018-06-26 Russell Ayres Consulting
3519599 Economic impacts-Mental health promotion,preventio $415,331.95National Mental Health Commission 2018-06-22 Deakin University
3519600 MH and suicide prevention related stat advice $74,540.00National Mental Health Commission 2017-07-01 Australian Institute of Health and
3519601 Redevelopment - NMHC Web $747,926.30National Mental Health Commission 2018-06-22 Australian Institute of Health and
3519602 BPD-Development of spotlight Summaries $14,718.00National Mental Health Commission 2018-06-27 Sane Australia
3517099 software renewal $31,372.00Office of National Assessments 2018-06-30 Nintex Pty Ltd
3381273-A3 software $244,975.00Office of National Assessments 2016-10-11 TestGrid (Aust) Pty Ltd
3518155 Assistance with privacy research $35,200.00Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 2018-06-25 ElevenM Concsulting Pty Ltd
3517583 Design and printing services. $43,000.00Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman 2018-05-21 Papercut
3457797-A1 Additional Software licences $16,000.00Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman 2017-08-23 Accsys Consulting