Contract Dashboard

3470385 Training and Development Services $24,120.00Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2017-07-01 THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE
3470391 State Occasion $11,329.99Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2017-11-08 Le Pine Funerals
3469319 recruitment of personal $18,600.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2017-10-11 RANDSTAD PTY LTD
3469321 Recruitment of Personal $35,500.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2017-07-24 RANDSTAD PTY LTD
3469323 War Cemetery tree health and hazard reduction remedial works in Victoria and NSW Riverina. $14,344.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2017-11-13 MELBOURNE TREE CARE
3469339 Strategic advice $30,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2017-10-17 GEOFFREY LEEPER T/AS YARRABEE CONSULTING
3469341 Serve as an independent adviser for the Principal Member of the VRB. $31,500.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2017-10-09 SG LEGAL SERVICES PTY LTD
3469344 This is the third year of 3 year agreement for license to use eRecruit from the company Acendre.*First year extension- 2018 $79,921.60Department of Veterans' Affairs 2017-01-01 ACENDRE
3425214-A1 Consultancy services - Business planning $67,564.00Digital Transformation Agency 2017-05-15 Reason Group Pty Ltd t/as Predicate Partners
3470374 Venue Hire $13,025.00Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2017-11-07 FEDERAL GOLF CLUB