Contract Dashboard

3590573 Psychometric testing and evaluation $28,300.00Department of Home Affairs 2019-05-20 THE TRUSTEEE FOR RYE TRUST
3590574 Inter-Agency Collaboration Platform $31,190.41Department of Home Affairs 2019-07-01 SECURE HUB PTY LTD
3590440 Purchase of Information Technology Equipment/Software $99,000.00Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2019-04-15 TECHNOLOGY ONE PTY LTD
3589596 Purchase of Information Technology Services $165,880.00Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2019-05-03 THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC AUSTRALIA PTY
3548858-A1 Project Support $2,032,514.40Department of Defence 2018-11-01 BCT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3370003-A5 Software Support Units Integration $2,063,614.30Department of Defence 2016-08-04 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3585970 Printing of Certified Lists $90,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2019-04-20 Scott Printers Pty Ltd
3330997-A5 Production, Printing and Packaging & Storing of Ballot Material $750,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2016-04-08 Mercury Walch Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Mercury Walch Trust
1442552-A13 Provision of Consolidated Internet Gateway Service. This contract notice has been reported on behalf of participant agencies. In the interest of transparency, the contract value of each participant agency's contract commitment is listed below. ACIC: $5,781,483.21 AFP: $3,417,727.50 AUSTRAC: $1,122,654.50 CDPP: $1,300,751.55 $5,283,282.65Australian Federal Police 2013-04-15 Verizon Australia Pty Ltd
3589795 Information Communication Technology Provider Arrangement $1,053,195.66Department of Defence 2019-03-21 DATA 3 GROUP