Contract Dashboard

3514655-A1 Policy Officer $100,264.80Digital Transformation Agency 2018-04-30 Programmed Professionals
3526263 User Researcher $128,938.24Digital Transformation Agency 2018-08-06 Hays Specialist Recruitment
3526264 ICT Skills Administrator $69,696.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-07-23 Hays Specialist Recruitment
3526265 Australian Government Style Manual Prototype Testing $78,000.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-06-11 Meld Studios
3473520-A1 IBNCS196 - Bureau of Meterology Provision of Internet Based Network Connections Previously DoF CN3053022 $1,168,437.24Digital Transformation Agency 2017-10-24 Nextgen Networks Pty Ltd
3525388 Adaptive Diagnostic Electronic Portable $164,419.30Department of Defence 2018-07-04 BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE SOLUTIO
3525389 Temperature Transmitter. $24,629.00Department of Defence 2018-07-06 IKAD ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3525392 Temperature Transmitters. $15,878.50Department of Defence 2018-07-06 IKAD ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3525393 Wet weather clothing $10,798.59Department of Defence 2018-07-04 MCCULLOCH SUZUKI WA
3525394 WO 39994 - Watercraft engineering 12 monthly tasks $12,812.77Department of Defence 2018-07-04 NORTHPORT MARINE SERVICES