Contract Dashboard

3587130 Legal Services $14,091.54Australian Taxation Office 2019-04-16 DEVERS LIST PTY LTD
3587135 Provision of access to commodity pricing market intelligence with S&P Global Platts $175,615.42Australian Taxation Office 2019-04-18 S&P GLOBAL PLATTS
3587136 Legal Services $25,193.75Australian Taxation Office 2019-04-08 AMELIA WHEATLEY
3587138 L&D AV equipment $15,887.03Australian Taxation Office 2019-04-23 VIDEOCRAFT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3587139 Work Design Services $80,516.69Australian Taxation Office 2019-04-18 CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SENIOR FEE OFFICER, SPONSORS
3587140 Legal Services $25,193.75Australian Taxation Office 2019-04-08 AMELIA WHEATLEY
3587141 Furniture and Fittings $14,272.50Australian Taxation Office 2019-04-18 SCHIAVELLO SYSTEMS (QLD) P/L
3587142 Printing services $71,445.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-04-01 THE CAMERONS GROUP
3587144 Provision of Software Licence and Maintenance. $22,057.20Australian Taxation Office 2019-03-27 DIGICERT, INC.
3587145 Legal Services $19,800.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-04-09 DUNCAN SEDDON & ASSOCIATES PTY LTD ATF SEDDON FAMILY TRUST