Contract Dashboard

3567169 Internal Audit Services $39,874.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2019-01-21 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
3564022 Telstra Project CHT-0914868-DPE $208,648.19Department of Defence 2019-01-04 COBS TELSTRA
3564038 scientific camera $35,017.40Department of Defence 2019-02-07 EMERALD FIRST UNIT TRUST
3564029 Car Park valuation $63,844.00Department of Defence 2019-05-01 NATIONAL PARKING CONSULTANTS FAMILY TRUST 2
3564019 Subscription to library resource $50,160.00Department of Defence 2019-01-20 STRATFOR ENTERPRISES, LLC!DBA STRATFOR GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE
3564031 Performance Measurement Training $26,400.00Department of Defence 2019-02-25 STACEY BARR PTY LTD
3564036 Optical fibres $20,100.30Department of Defence 2018-01-10 LASTEK PTY LTD
3564013 Defence School Mentor Program $23,000.00Department of Defence 2019-01-01 CAMPBELL PRIMARY SCHOOL
3564039 Scopus dataset from Elsevier $118,235.85Department of Defence 2018-12-01 RELX NEDERLAND B.V.
3564040 Training course $11,000.00Department of Defence 2019-02-18 ALTAIR ENGINEERING SOFTWARE PTY LTD