Contract Dashboard

3347971-A1 IT Hosting Services $3,679,817.32Clean Energy Regulator 2016-05-06 Sliced Tech Pty Ltd
3321114-A3 .NET Developer $735,541.13Clean Energy Regulator 2016-02-15 Compas Pty Ltd
3342501-A4 Enterprise Architect $526,207.39Clean Energy Regulator 2016-06-01 Finite Recruitment Pty Ltd
3344269-A2 Corporate Membership Renewal $22,000.00Clean Energy Regulator 2016-05-10 Institute of Public Administration Australia (ACT Division)
3565505 ICT Contractor Services (Test Analyst) $143,981.68Clean Energy Regulator 2019-01-07 Finite Recruitment Pty Ltd
3565506 ICT Contractor Services (CRM Developer) $178,675.20Clean Energy Regulator 2018-12-07 Compas Pty Ltd
3319834-A1 Provision of Auction Probity Services $259,800.00Clean Energy Regulator 2016-01-04 Deloitte Finance P/L
3567781 Legal advice and representation $40,000.00Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 2018-09-11 Ashurt Australia
3566414 Security and personal safety $71,270.00Office of National Intelligence 2019-01-28 Waidt Services Australia Pty Ltd
3568126 Digital referral website support $49,500.00Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 2018-02-01 Adelphi Digital Pty Ltd