Contract Dashboard

3540337 Economic Research Adviser $30,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-07-01 IDEEA Group
3540351 Archive Generation $30,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-09-17 Intelex Systems Inc
3540357 Consultancy $44,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-09-18 Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd
3541169 Courier services $43,296.00Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2018-08-29 Transcity Couriers Pty Ltd
3541307 ACIAR-USP Scholarship and USC Twinning Review in Fiji and Samoa $35,802.00Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2018-09-14 RDSM CONSULTING (NZ)
3540665 National Consumer Congress 2019 $34,000.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-03-13 Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd
3540669 Mlex Limited subscription $10,470.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2018-08-29 Mlex Ltd
3540309 Printed material $19,239.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2018-08-31 Union Offset Pty Ltd
3528644-A1 Legal Services $56,000.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2018-07-10 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3534252-A1 Conference Facilities $49,580.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2018-08-01 Shangri-La hotel The Marina Cairns