Contract Dashboard

3619165 Digital 20/20 Records Retention Schedules $32,560.00Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity 2019-07-22 Kiah Consulting
3619163 Design services - 19/23 Corporate Plan and 18/19 Annual Report $19,744.90Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity 2019-07-08 The Trustee for the Giraffe Visual Communication
3619171 Internal Audit Services 2019-20 $59,500.00Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity 2019-07-01 Deloitte Touche Tohmastsu
3463593-A2 Legal Proceedings $61,911.50Australian Communications and Media Authority 2017-09-22 Australian Government Solicitor
3609116-A1 Legal Services - AAT Review $32,000.00Australian Communications and Media Authority 2019-07-01 Australian Government Solicitor
3619856 Bay NAS Xeon 8 Core CPU and Accessories $33,874.27Australian Communications and Media Authority 2019-08-08
3619368 AER Consumer Challenge Panel Services $31,200.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-07-01 Mrs Robyn Robinson
3619448 Permanent placement  $11,137.63Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-07-05 Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Pty Ltd
3619370 Subscription services $14,696.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-04-13 Sirsi Dynix Pty Ltd
3557030-A1 Software Maintenance and Support $925,059.86Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2018-11-16 Palantir Technologies Australia Pty