Contract Dashboard

3619940 Electronic Component $24,566.99Department of Defence 2019-06-05 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE
3619503 VMware Horizon 7 $43,744.80Department of Defence 2019-09-01 VMWARE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3620281 Data Research Services for IMT $17,100.00Department of Defence 2019-07-01 FORRESTER RESEARCH LIMITED
3619531 Freight of Aircraft Spares $15,577.34Department of Defence 2019-08-12 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTEGRATED DEFENCE SERVICES PTY LTD
3619511 Thermistor $10,961.46Department of Defence 2019-08-12 RHEINMETALL MAN MILITARY VEHICLES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3619952 Procurement of charging hose assembly $41,087.20Department of Defence 2019-07-31 AERO AND MILITARY PRODUCTS P/L
3620182 Aerospace Systems and Components and Equipment $223,177.24Department of Defence 2019-08-14 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC LIMITED
3619998 Repair of military vehicles or components. $21,856.34Department of Defence 2019-08-02 VOLVO GROUP GOVERNMENT SALES OCE
3620334 Quarantine & Inspection Services $20,227.55Department of Defence 2019-07-01 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND WATER RESOURCES - AUSTRALIA
3619557 Purchase of RF Components $57,691.70Department of Defence 2019-08-09 ASD TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD