Contract Dashboard

3359161-A2 Plant Hire at 83 Clarence St, Sydney $35,795.65Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2016-07-01 The Plant Man
3566794 Envelops for nationwide $24,314.76Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2015-07-01 Australian Paper
3566234 Extradition - Surrender Eligibility $15,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2019-01-10 Thomas Buterin
3566235 Research and Policy Development $250,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2019-01-14 Barbara Bennett
3566236 Research and Policy Development $342,100.00Attorney-General's Department 2019-01-29 Carney Advisory
3566309 Management Advisory Services $52,580.00Attorney-General's Department 2019-01-10 Synergy Group Australia Pty Ltd
3419584-A1 Northern Australia Mapping Project Phase II $270,666.00Austrade 2017-04-21 Data61
3522211-A1 Domestic Lease $3,927,284.44Department of Defence 2016-10-01 THE JOHN IANNELLI SETTLEMENT
3522204-A2 Domestic Lease $43,487,852.24Department of Defence 2017-03-01 CANBERRA AIRPORT PTY LTD
3522178-A1 DOMESTIC LEASING $117,737.39Department of Defence 2015-04-01 NORTH METROPOLITAN TAFE