Contract Dashboard

3640770 Specialist contributing to Review of Australia's partnership with Women's World Banking (Canberra)   $47,251.73Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2019-08-20 COFFEY INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD
3640772 Supporting efficient internet connectivity (Pacific)   $550,000.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2019-09-17 Apnic Foundation
3640556 Provision of Legal Services $13,430.00Department of Health 2019-11-13 Australian Government Solicitor
3640063 Software Licenses $71,979.16Department of Health 2019-11-07 GitLab Pty Ltd
3640550 World Congress of Epidemiology 2020 Sponsorship $35,000.00Department of Health 2019-11-05 MCI Australia Pty Ltd
3640058 Assistance with analysis of aged care financial data $272,250.00Department of Health 2019-11-01 RUBIK3 PTY LTD
3640071 Enterprise Secure Sockets Layer Certificate and Security Solution $129,480.00Department of Health 2019-11-08 DigiCert Inc
3640610 Labour Hire $102,718.00Department of Health 2019-11-11 Healthcare Professionals Group Pty
3640563 Professional Support Services $52,140.00Department of Health 2019-11-15 INTEGEO PTY LTD
3640062 Software Renewal $40,830.68Department of Health 2019-11-28 JFrog Inc