Contract Dashboard

3544616 Temporary personnel services $54,450.00Department of Education and Training 2018-09-24 DOYLE EXECUTIVE ACCOUNTING AND
3545014 Personnel Recruitment Services $55,762.43Department of Education and Training 2018-10-02 Rubik3 Pty Ltd
3544762 RECRUITMENT AND RELATED SERVICES PANEL $19,101.60Department of Finance 2018-06-06 Hays Personnel Services
3545016 Temporary personnel services $107,456.00Department of Education and Training 2018-09-28 EFFECTIVE PEOPLE P/L
3544752 ICT CONTRACTOR SERVICES PANEL $524,981.60Department of Finance 2018-02-08 Greythorn Pty Ltd
3542629 Psychological Services $75,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-09-03 THE TRUSTEEE FOR RYE TRUST
3542622 Temporary contractor $170,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-08-03 WILKINS, ROGER BRUCE
3542645 ICON LINKS FROM CDC HUME TO CDC FYSHWICK $11,123.89Department of Home Affairs 2018-09-24 DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE
3542648 Factiva database subscription for 2018/2019 FY $100,006.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-07-01 FACTIVA DOW JONES & REUTERS
3542636 Subscription to EOS.Web e-library - Enterprise $68,123.83Department of Home Affairs 2018-08-07 EOS INTERNATIONAL