Contract Dashboard

3641147 Ground Handling $19,863.88Department of Defence 2019-10-20 SKYLINK SERVICES LTD
3640877 Purging of DKET HPAs $31,038.92Department of Defence 2019-11-01 L-3 OCEANIA
3640263 Truck Repair $14,492.28Department of Defence 2019-11-01 DC SERVICES (NQ) PTY LTD
3641045 Science and Research $58,433.87Department of Defence 2019-10-31 OBJECTIVE EYE TRACKING PTE LTD
3641209 Compliance Training $11,099.00Department of Defence 2019-11-04 COMPETENCY TRAINING PTY LTD
3641042 Collaborative Research Project $213,631.97Department of Defence 2019-10-24 QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY
3640388 Repair of military vehicles or components. $21,853.33Department of Defence 2019-10-28 RGM MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3641034 Event facilitation $24,774.30Department of Defence 2019-11-01 CSIRO MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
3640349 Sea Marker Fluoroscein $12,100.00Department of Defence 2019-10-31 DREW MARINE SIGNAL and SAFETY AU
3640252 Procurement of Access Covers. $10,725.00Department of Defence 2019-10-30 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE PT