Contract Dashboard

3458913-A3 Hire Staff $155,748.00Australian Public Service Commission 2017-08-30 Kowalski Recruitment Pty Ltd
3538237 Contracting services $119,574.00Australian Research Council 2018-07-25 DFP REcruitment
3539173 Out of Scope Repairs $282,155.44Department of Defence 2018-09-10 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTERNATIONAL!TRADING INC.
3539174 ALQ-99 POD Roll Device $29,623.00Department of Defence 2018-09-11 THE AIR DOCTOR
3539175 Hornet Target Designation System VOP $21,610.86Department of Defence 2018-08-01 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTERNATIONAL!TRADING INC.
3539177 Thrustmaster $34,133.00Department of Defence 2018-08-22 ATLANTIC & PENINSULA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3539178 Service Navigator Delta sets $13,876.55Department of Defence 2018-09-11 BRITTON MARITIME SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3537896 Vehicle lease $36,640.50Australian Public Service Commission 2018-08-09 SG Fleet Australia P/L
3328275-A4 Temporary Personnel Services $133,419.91Australian Skills Quality Authority 2016-03-23 DFP Recruitment
3538337 Compliance Toolkit $141,450.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-09-03 DELOITTE TOUCHE TOHMATSU