Contract Dashboard

3449368-A1 2018 Australian Early Development Census $15,589,060.80Department of Education and Training 2017-07-03 THE SOCIAL RESEARCH CENTRE
3618336 Website Design $208,450.00Department of Education and Training 2019-06-04 BRIARBIRD & CO PTY LTD
3526505-A1 ICT CONTRACTOR SERVICES $522,820.00Department of Finance 2018-06-27 Aurec Pty Ltd T/as Chalfont Consulting
3526518-A1 Contractor services $494,252.00Department of Finance 2018-05-25 Aris Consulting Pty Ltd
3489274-A2 Data Analyst $548,600.00Department of Finance 2018-03-02 Semaphore Alliance Pty Ltd
3617902 PFC ENVIRONMENTAL PANEL $214,500.00Department of Finance 2019-06-07 Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd
3619079 DIGITAL MARKETPLACE SERVICES $126,500.00Department of Finance 2019-07-22 HiTech Personnel
3617770 CAPABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES $87,120.00Department of Finance 2019-07-01 Whizdom Pty Ltd
3617769 DIGITAL MARKETPLACE SERVICES $399,168.00Department of Finance 2019-07-15 New Horizons Business Solutions Pty
3618308 DIGITAL MARKETPLACE SERVICES $143,000.00Department of Finance 2019-07-08 Chartertech Pty Ltd