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3610325 Tourism Australia’s Frankfurt office requires the local knowledge and expertise of a full-service representation agency to deliver an integrated market representation arrangement i.e. trade marketing,  stakeholder  relations, distribution,  Aussie Specialist Program  (ASP) training  and public relations for Tourism Australia based in Italy. Tourism  Australia  may  at  its  sole  discretion elect to  extend this Agreement  for  a  further three  (3)  one-year terms as follows: First Extension Period:  Commencing on 1 July 2019 and concluding on 30 June 2020 Second  Extension  Period: Commencing  on  1  July 2020 and concluding on 30 June 2021 Third Extension Period:  Commencing on 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 Tourism Australia does not in any way guarantee the election on Extension Periods.   $1,216,085.00Tourism Australia 2018-07-01 TOURISM HUB
3553465-A1 South Korea Trade Representation for Tourism Australia to the travel industry and Australian government bodies, travel distribution and partnerships, provision of market intelligence, and running of Tourism Australia's Aussie Specialist Program in South Korea.     $1,065,685.19Tourism Australia 2018-08-06 H Plus
3485393-A1 Canada Trade Representation, including:   a) Representing Tourism Australia to the travel Industry and Australian government bodies in Canada.   b) Implementation of travel distribution and partnerships including agent training, trade familiarization trips and co-operative activity with trade partners.   c) Provision of market intelligence and reporting, and strategy input into Tourism Australia’s Annual Operating Plan (the Annual Operating Plan) as it relates to the Canadian market.   d) Running of Tourism Australia’s Aussie Specialist Program in Canada including recruitment, training and reporting.   $918,325.81Tourism Australia 2018-02-01 VoX International Inc.
3608306 Legal Services - INV38108 PRPO-750 $258,879.10Australian Building and Construction Commission 2019-06-26 Ashurst Australia
3496138-A3 Legal Services - INV99999 PRPO-241 PRPOA-365, 446,515   $190,000.00Australian Building and Construction Commission 2018-03-22 Bird and Bird
3573074 Legal Services - INV35100 PRPO-566 $18,520.25Australian Building and Construction Commission 2019-02-22 List G Barristers
3383778-A5 Legal Services - INV3329 PRPO-2218 PRPOA-478,513 $746,576.97Australian Building and Construction Commission 2016-09-28 Clayton Utz - Perth
3610246 Legal Services $228,800.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-06-28 Corrs
3609361 Legal Services $86,900.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-05-24 Corrs
3609340 Legal Services $63,800.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-04-11 AGS