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3519123 Develop the underlying science of groundwater flow $78,062.60Geoscience Australia 2018-03-27 FaultSeal Finance Pty Ltd
3518469 Property Lease $4,267,466.01Independent Hospital Pricing Authority 2018-06-01 Memocorp Australia Pty Ltd
3518049 Work Health Safety Review - Job Impact Assessment $22,440.00IP Australia 2018-07-02 ACTSAFE AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3518051 Software $44,000.00IP Australia 2018-07-01 Inc.
3518052 General Postal Services $135,000.00IP Australia 2018-07-01 Australia Post
3519548 IBM Enterprise Annual Maintenance and support $20,583.20IP Australia 2018-07-01 Certus Solutions Pty Ltd
3519550 Research Services $88,000.00IP Australia 2018-06-25 SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY
3519551 Microsoft - Core Desktop Licencing Contribution $213,138.99IP Australia 2018-07-01 Digital Transformation Office
3519552 Patent Examiner $75,949.21IP Australia 2018-07-02 PRECISION ASSOCIATES PTY LTD
3519554 Lecture Series $19,800.00IP Australia 2018-07-01 University of Melbourne