Contract Dashboard

3630546 Road transport of cargo. $79,475.00Department of Defence 2019-09-24 SIMON NATIONAL CARRIERS
3630468 Arrestor System Parts installation & Oversight $1,743,244.58Department of Defence 2019-09-24 BABCOCK PTY LTD
3583379-A1 Design Services $2,666,994.94Department of Defence 2019-03-08 Odense Maritime Technology A/S
3536810-A1 Increase for escalation cost $204,200,571.39Department of Defence 2017-09-20 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTEGRATED DEFENCE SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3630153 Transformer $18,177.94Department of Defence 2019-09-11 DEFENCE SEALS PTY LTD
3629825 Hardware services $68,816.24Department of Defence 2019-09-23 THE FRAME GROUP PTY LIMITED
3630199 Life preserver $13,035.00Department of Defence 2019-09-09 SOS MARINE
3629870 Research and Development Services $73,735.50Department of Defence 2019-08-02 US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY
3629736 Cyber security training course $57,750.00Department of Defence 2019-09-19 UNIVERSITY OF NSW ADFA UNSW@ADFA
3629769 Overhaul and repair of Aircraft jacks $37,476.60Department of Defence 2019-08-06 FORDHAM ENGINEERING