Contract Dashboard

3638958 Software - PhishMe licence $34,776.58Bureau of Meteorology 2019-10-24 cofense
3638578 Research - Cape Grim. $11,220.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-10-29 University of Wollongong
3638571 Professional services $11,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-10-28 Intalock Technologies PTY LTD
3639149 Advertising Services $27,443.61Bureau of Meteorology 2019-10-04 Anchor Systems Pty Ltd
3638425 Test signal generators $381,260.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-09-30 IPD GROUP LIMITED
3639150 Visa Immigration fees $12,989.22Bureau of Meteorology 2019-10-28 Strategic Human Resources
3638426 Noise source test $63,261.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-07-30 IPD GROUP LIMITED
3638388 Printing $11,478.60Bureau of Meteorology 2019-10-23 Quality Print to Post
3637359-A1 Communications and Contact Centre planning day $23,000.00Clean Energy Regulator 2019-09-24 Grosvenor Perormance Group Pty Ltd
3485023-A1 Compliance learning and assessment platform $76,472.00Clean Energy Regulator 2018-02-06 Pursuit Technology Australia Pty Ltd