Contract Dashboard

3618651 Consumables to support research programs $26,239.76Department of Defence 2019-07-09 LASTEK PTY LTD
3617449 NAVY SATCOM Capability $58,820.54Department of Defence 2019-02-26 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
3522204-A3 Domestic Lease $43,547,741.91Department of Defence 2017-03-01 CANBERRA AIRPORT PTY LTD
3617428 Detailed design of replacement oil mist detector $100,987.44Department of Defence 2019-07-09 ASP SHIP MANAGEMENT PTY LTD SIRIUS
3618020 Repair of Military Vehicles or Components $11,254.90Department of Defence 2019-07-26 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3617991 Lead electrical $11,263.87Department of Defence 2019-07-26 PENSKE POWER SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3618573 Transportation Logistic Services $1,540,000.00Department of Defence 2019-10-28 THALES AUSTRALIA
3465393-A7 Building works $2,827,196.93Department of Defence 2017-10-18 SOLAR LIVING HOMES
3617614 Acoustic Testing Services $17,736.40Department of Defence 2019-07-22 UMOW LAI VIC PTY LTD
3618005 Purchase of tension springs and disc break pistons $17,140.99Department of Defence 2019-07-23 DAIMLER TRUCK AND BUS AUSTRALIA