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3629498 FWO - Legal Services - 922921 2019-20 065 PRPO-825 $30,000.00Fair Work Ombudsman and Registered Organisations Commission Entity 2019-09-20 Lennon's List
3536388-A7 ROC - Case Management System 2017-18 241 PRPO-360 PRPOA-335,534,538,555 PRPOA-354 PRPOA-314 PRPOA-481 PRPOA-482   $1,483,751.30Fair Work Ombudsman and Registered Organisations Commission Entity 2018-07-01 McGirr Technologies
3630908 Booth Build $33,913.88Geoscience Australia 2019-08-28 Creative Hire Pty Ltd
3630904 DUG Software Annual Maintenance $73,400.00Geoscience Australia 2019-10-20 DOWNUNDER GEOSOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3630900 Sample analysis - Radiocarbon analysis and Chlorine analysis $15,785.00Geoscience Australia 2000-01-01 AUSTRALIAN NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ORGANISATION T/A ANSTO
3630905 Analyse 700 Sonic Core Samples $37,196.60Geoscience Australia 2019-06-25 Bureau Veritas Minerals Pty Ltd
3630907 Market Research for Digital Earth Australia $875,600.00Geoscience Australia 2019-10-01 Spatial Information Systems Research Limited T/A FrontierSI
3630055 Reprint Patient Blood Management Guidelines $20,311.50National Blood Authority 2019-08-20 Union Offset Pty Ltd
3480973-A1 Supply of Imported Plasma & Recombinant Products $37,771,578.90National Blood Authority 2017-12-01 Sanofi-Aventis Australia Pty Ltd
3630259 Objective Connect Enterprise Renewal $49,358.10National Blood Authority 2019-08-20 Objective Corporation