Contract Dashboard

3569911 Sponsorship to ECA for management of AIBS 2019 $44,000.00Austrade 2019-01-23 EXPORT COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA
3569940 Leadership Development Program $10,700.00Austrade 2019-02-07 MELBOURNE BUSINESS SCHOOL LTD
3569941 Go To Market Program for the Landing PAD SF - Entr $11,299.38Austrade 2019-02-06 Activatd
3569942 RENT RESIDENCE 25JAN19-24JAN20 $104,135.27Austrade 2019-02-04 PT. ESTETIKA BINAGRIYA
3570016 Merchandise Exporter Microdata 2015-16 $53,604.54Austrade 2018-12-21 AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF STATISTICS
3570025 Business Facilitation Services $18,920.00Austrade 2019-02-08 PUZZLE PARTNERS CONSULTING PTY LTD
3570042 Investigation Services $16,000.00Austrade 2019-02-05 Worklogic Pty Ltd
3568764 Training $14,080.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-02-05 Careers Boost Pty Ltd
3569421 Gartner Services $33,220.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2019-02-01 Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd
3558548-A1 Interim Agreement for Research Project: Mainstreaming research in Myanmar's Agricultural and Veterinary Universities $1,540,000.00Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2018-11-19 University of Queensland