Contract Dashboard

3610863 Software support and maintenance $36,540.00Australian Skills Quality Authority 2019-07-01 Tech Infosys
3619886 Provision of computer equipment $10,615.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-07-18 HP PPS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3619889 Oracle Services $94,490.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-08-13 Oracle Corporation Australia
3619892 Provision of Printing services $47,135.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-06-06 PAPER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3619888 Provision of Printing services $27,098.50Australian Taxation Office 2019-07-25 PAPER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3620065 Trove membership, Interlibrary loans $10,478.08Australian Taxation Office 2019-07-01 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA
3620056 Renewal of JanusGATE Mobile support and maintenance for 1 year $50,864.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-10-31 JANUSNET PTY LTD
3620061 Influential Leaders Program $31,870.30Australian Taxation Office 2019-07-22 Turner International Enterprises Pty Ltd
3619242 Provision of a training course $10,536.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-07-31 CLARIDEN GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3620062 Subscription to National Indigenous Business Register $16,500.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-08-01 SUPPLY NATION