Contract Dashboard

3620003 Dashpot $10,662.33Department of Defence 2019-07-31 RHEINMETALL MAN MILITARY VEHICLE
3620271 Specialised Digital Receiver Electonics $38,352.43Department of Defence 2019-08-01 HITECH GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION, LLC
3619515 Vehicle Spares $105,935.06Department of Defence 2019-08-07 FFG FLENSBURGER FAHRZEUGBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH
3619659 Coaching services provided to ADF King's Cup Rowing Team $38,500.00Department of Defence 2018-11-01 MARINE PROJECT MANAGEMENT PTY LIMIT
3620307 Police Security for Road Closure $34,908.60Department of Defence 2019-07-08 QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE
3620353 Quarantine & Inspection Services $20,467.11Department of Defence 2019-07-01 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND WATER RESOURCES - AUSTRALIA
3620264 Equipment support services $34,672.00Department of Defence 2019-07-26 BRIDPORT ELECTRICAL SERVICES PETER ABRAHAM
3619570 Self Protection Warner $129,330.00Department of Defence 2019-08-16 ELTA SYSTEMS LTD
3620200 Procurement of MXA Signal Analyser $171,283.96Department of Defence 2019-08-20 KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3360205-A5 LABORATORY SERVICES $596,607.98Department of Defence 2016-06-28 AUSHEALTH CORPORATE PTY LTD