Contract Dashboard

3508960-A1 Contracted staff for Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) $207,812.00Department of Education and Training 2018-06-01 HAYS PERSONNEL SERVICES
3540276 Engagement of business analyst contractor $147,942.00Department of Education and Training 2018-09-24 Hays
3540281 Contractor Services $13,823.04Department of Education and Training 2018-09-11 HAYS PERSONNEL SERVICES
3540838 Business administration services $133,085.92Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2018-09-03 Waidt Services Australia Pty Ltd
3540840 Strategic planning consultation services $73,240.60Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2018-09-04 UNSW Sydney
3541084 Marketing and distribution $33,000.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2018-09-05 Jamie Carroll Graphic Design PtyLtd
3540854 Consmuer Focussed Education $150,000.00Department of Health 2018-09-17 Consumer Health Forum of Australia
3540855 To engage Datacom/TSS to conduct Health Data Portal Security Risk Management Plan $13,718.40Department of Health 2018-09-12 Datacom Systems (AU) Pty Ltd
3540858 Provision of Facilitator and Co-design services $11,440.00Department of Health 2018-09-10 WORKFORCE STRATEGIES
3540865 Labour Hire $157,528.80Department of Health 2018-10-15 ON Q RECRUITMENT PTY LTD