Contract Dashboard

3551502 Repair of surveillance equipment $19,457.69Department of Defence 2018-10-22 POINT TRADING
3551498 Extinguisher Fire $17,325.00Department of Defence 2018-10-23 WORMALD TECHNOLOGY
3551508 Test block $28,457.99Department of Defence 2018-10-10 A and D INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3551509 Military Equipment Consumable Items $32,115.37Department of Defence 2018-10-30 THALES AUSTRALIA
3374461-A2 Night Fighting Equipment (NFE) Replacement Request For Tender (RFT) $316,962,106.39Department of Defence 2016-07-14 L-3 OCEANIA
3550200 Training Services Support $1,143,972.53Department of Defence 2018-11-12 JACOBS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3465254-A1 Engineering Services $422,624.10Department of Defence 2017-10-18 KOBOLD GROUP LIMITED
3550449 Engineering Services $4,974,662.00Department of Defence 2018-11-07 QINETIQ PTY LTD
3550457 Senior Cost Schedule Analyst $505,475.20Department of Defence 2018-10-30 PROVIDENCE CONSULTING GROUP PTY LTD
3550198 Major Service Provider to CASG - Enterprise Support Services Agreement $674,759.43Department of Defence 2018-10-10 DOWNER DEFENCE SERVICES PTY LTD