Contract Dashboard

3459851 Specialised Infrastructure Engineering and Security Analyst Services $187,880.00Department of Defence 2017-10-04 FINITE IT RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS
3459880 Project Management $30,539.30Department of Defence 2017-09-28 AURECON AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
3459922 AVIATION FUEL $9,071,874.02Department of Defence 2017-09-27 CALTEX AUSTRALIA PETROLEUM PTY LTD
3459954 Strategic Property Advisory Services $814,189.20Department of Defence 2017-09-27 CURRIE & BROWN (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
3460211 Purchase of engine lubricating oil $12,833.71Department of Defence 2017-09-27 A.S. HARRISON AND CO PTY LIMIT
3459900 DL0253/2017 - Legal Service $70,472.60Department of Defence 2017-09-29 CLAYTON UTZ
3460246 Bagpipes with Accessories $38,296.02Department of Defence 2017-09-26 LYONS ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
3460265 Various Crockery $51,743.45Department of Defence 2017-09-26 FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT INTERNATI*
3460093 Government Network Services Installation and Purchase of Interactive Whiteboards $33,447.59Department of Finance 2017-05-09 Rutledge AV
3460115 Lease and rental of property or building $34,999.80Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2017-07-01 NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF AUSTRALIA