Contract Dashboard

3529232 Project Support Services $132,000.01Department of Defence 2018-07-30 AERO PM PTY. LTD.
3529233 Force protection equipment $342,453.70Department of Defence 2018-07-31 THALES AUSTRALIA
3529234 Training on FPECM $32,641.10Department of Defence 2018-07-31 LEONARDO MW LTD
3529236 Ipads $29,793.40Department of Defence 2018-04-12 MACFIXIT AUSTRALIA
3529205 RAAF Technical Publications $586,004.88Department of Defence 2018-08-01 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA
3529206 Aircraft recurring service fee $96,888,437.33Department of Defence 2018-07-30 HAWKER PACIFIC PTY LTD
3532236 Training services $25,694.59Department of Home Affairs 2018-05-01 INTELLIGENCE PTY LTD
3532245 Disposal of forfeited & abandoned goods $11,824.19Department of Home Affairs 2018-04-30 DANIELS HEALTH SERVICES PTY LTD
3532248 Austrade Reimbursement of Post Cost FY18/19 $8,500,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2017-07-01 AUSTRALIAN TRADE AND INVESTMENT
3532253 LCD 46 INCH PANELS AND ACCESSORIES $78,039.47Department of Home Affairs 2018-08-02 RUTLEDGE ENGINEERING (AUST) PTY LTD