Contract Dashboard

3619204 Advertising $26,564.18Bureau of Meteorology 2019-07-28 Anchor Systems Pty Ltd
3619197 Research project $297,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-08-08 The University of Melbourne
3463474-A1 Pollen Monitoring $1,254,050.60Bureau of Meteorology 2017-09-15 The University Of Melbourne
3619183 Operation and maintenance of remote assets  $33,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-07-11 RedEye Apps Pty Ltd
3618460 Contract labour hire - External Advisor $46,200.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-07-05 Deteqted Pty Ltd
3618491 Internship $25,300.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-08-05 The University of Melbourne
3618499 Freight Shipping Container $21,714.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-07-31 Toll Tasmania
3618498 System support $12,146.75Bureau of Meteorology 2019-08-02 Data#3 Limited
3618461 Contract Labour hire - Program Support Officer $121,440.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-08-04 Rubik3 Pty Ltd
3618511 Business Storage $15,058.25Bureau of Meteorology 2019-06-01 Iron Mountain Australia Group Pty Ltd