Contract Dashboard

3618577 Training $234,132.00Department of Defence 2019-07-13 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE T/A DEFENCE BUSINESS SERVICES FINANCE
3618002 Shoulder Board Sleeve $13,557.50Department of Defence 2019-07-24 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3617653 Training development $39,600.00Department of Defence 2019-08-01 LEDGER, GEOFF
3617492 Review and Future Directions $51,697.01Department of Defence 2019-07-24 SAMANTHA CROMPVOETS PTY LTD
3618595 Signature Management and Target Services support $1,424,130.00Department of Defence 2019-08-01 HELSCO PTY LTD
3617497 Actuator Replacement $3,300,000.00Department of Defence 2019-08-02 THALES AUSTRALIA
3617942 Repair Parts $10,864.13Department of Defence 2019-07-22 LIQUIP INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3618574 Calibration and Repair of Special Military Equipment $11,284.90Department of Defence 2019-08-02 TR CALIBRATION
3560620-A2 Military Equipment $28,237,638.85Department of Defence 2002-06-28 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA
3617585 Ground Handling $11,969.43Department of Defence 2019-06-01 EXECUJET AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED